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Haus der Spuren

Unterm Berge 24

99947 Bad Langensalza

+49 (0) 3603.1276481


* Our project consists of two sister organizations active in the US (the TRACES Center for History and Culture, based in director Michael’s native Iowa) and Spuren e.V. in Bad Langensalza, Germany. Both explore and present connections between people from the two countries (and Austria) between 1914-48. An important driving force behind our work is the firm belief that exploring and confronting history is one of the best preventions against conflict between people and even states, now and in the future.


** The funds for the house’s purchase are in part from the sale of Ashlawn Farm, the childhood home of both the director and his mother (Phyllis [née Thrams] Luick); it was in the Thrams’ family for 105 years. Phyllis’ mother’s family emigrated from southern Thüringen to Iowa in the 1850s; in a literal sense, part of the family’s worldly fortune has landed back in the central-German province from where it came. As a teen, Phyllis had African-American and Hispanic friends, in an era when a “white girl” doing so was not the norm; all during Michael’s life, he knew his mother to welcome people of many ethnicities, religions and ways of life into her home. She continues to inspire her youngest son’s work—and thus he dedicates this house to her memory.


Vorstand: Dr. Martin Fischer, Dr. Jörg Seiler

Direktor: Dr. Michael Luick-Thrams


Erfurt VR 163059

Haus der Spuren

Unterm Berge 24

99947 Bad Langensalza


Telefon:  +49 (0)3603 127 64 81