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Michael Luick-Thrams: Resume


TRACES Center for History and Culture, Saint Paul/Minnesota; 2001 to the present:

I direct a non-profit educational organization which, according to its Mission Statement

gathers, preserves and presents stories of people from the Midwest and Germany or Austria who encountered each other during World War II. Many of these stories have lain beneath the dust left in the wake of a World War most never thought touched the American Heartland. TRACES brushes away that dust, unearthing an amazing legacy. As we learn about these stories, may we rise above–and eventually defeat–the prejudices, fears and conflicts that otherwise demean and destroy us.

 VOLKSHOCHSCHULEN, Berlin/Germany; 1993-2001:

Taught American studies and English at various levels, for various ages. (From May 1997 to June 1998 I went on several BOOK TOURS in the United States, Europe, South Africa, Australia and South America, sponsored by Iowa State University Press, to publicize Out of Hitler's Reach.)

OSTRAVSKA UNIVERZITA, Ostrava/Czechoslovakia; 1991-1993:

 Taught American studies, English-language instruction and pedagogy.                                      

FRIENDS ACADEMY, Locust Valley/New York; 1990-1991:    

Taught history, English and religion, and coordinated community-service projects; also worked for the RAYKINS PROJECT in Queens, New York, teaching Russian-Jewish immigrants English and about American life and institutions.

TWIN CITIES' MEN'S CENTER, Minneapolis/Minnesota; 1988-1990:

Facilitated weekly and weekend courses for men in crisis; wrote the textbook On the Way Home.

OMEGA HOUSE, Minneapolis/Minnesota; 1985-1990:

Worked in urban social-work programs.

LIVING HISTORY FARMS, Des Moines/Iowa; summer 1983:

Worked as a summer history-program intern as a researcher and a museum interpreter.


Taught English and about American life and institutions to international students  

LAOTIAN INTEGRATION PROGRAM, Clear Lake [Iowa] High School; 1980-1981:

Taught English and about American life and institutions to Laotian refugees in Iowa.


 HUMBOLDT UNIVERSITAET, Berlin/Germany; 1993-1997 (doctoral defense: July 1997):

Ph.D. in Modern History; book Out of Hitler's Reach: The Scattergood Hostel for European Refugees, 1939-43 (distributed by Iowa State University Press) and dissertation Creating 'New Americans': WWII-Era European Refugees' Formation of American Identities

KARLOVA UNIVERZITA, Prague/Czechoslovakia; summer 1991:

TEFL certificate and Czech-language instruction  

GODDARD COLLEGE, Plainfield/Vermont; 1989-1991:

M.A. in Cultural and Political History; master's thesis In the Eagle's Shadow: U.S. Americans Inside Nazi Germany  

IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY, Ames/Iowa; 1982-1985:

B.S. in History; independent study Rural Iowa: Its Past and Some Proposals for Its Future, excerpts of which were published in the Des Moines Sunday Register

PUBLICATIONS (highlights):

Book (editor): Only the Least of Me is Hostage: Midwest POWs in Nazi Germany (Volume 1: Soldiers, Volume II, Airmen), TRACES, 2004

Book (editor): Lagerzeitungen (Camp Papers): The German POW Newspapers at Camp Algona, Iowa, 1943-46, TRACES, 2003

Book (editor): Lebenszeichen (Signs of Life): The Correspondence of German POWs at Camp Algona, Iowa, 1943-46, TRACES, 2002

Book (editor): Enemies Within: Iowa POWs in Nazi Germany, TRACES, 2002

Article: "What Did You Actually Do?", The Friend, 1999

Article: "Zuflucht in Iowa", Berliner Zeitung, 1998

Dissertation: Creating 'New Americans': WWII-Era European Refugees´ Formation of American Identities, 1997

Book: Out of Hitler´s Reach: The Scattergood Hostel for European Refugees, 1939-43,Goodfellow Press, 1996, 1997; distributed by Iowa State University Press

Article: "Culture and Politics in Post-War United States of America", Fremdsprachenunterricht: Die Zeitschrift für das Lehren und Lernen fremder Sprachen, 1996

Article: "The Scattergood Hostel for European Refugees, 1939-43: Out of Hitler´s Reach", Friends Journal, 1995

Article: "Außerhalb der Reichweite Hitlers: Das Heim für europäische Flüchtlinge in Scattergood, 1939 bis 1943", Der Quaeker, 1995

Textbook: A Short Social History of the United States of America, Ostravska Univerzita Press, 1992

Masters Thesis: In the Eagle´s Shadow: U.S. Americans Inside Nazi Germany, 1990

Coursebook: On the Way Home, Twin Cities Men´s Center Publications, 1989

Article: Rural Iowa: Its Past and Some Proposals for Its Future, excerpted in the Des Moines Sunday Register, 1984